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Thai Permanent Residency (Thai PR)

Thai Permanent Residency
Expedited Thailand Permanent Residency by Thai Attorneys


With Permanent Residency in Thailand foreigners can live permanently in Thailand with no requirement to apply for an extension of stay. Visas are no longer required. Foreigners must meet the following criteria in order to qualify for Thailand Permanent Residency (PR):

  • Visa: Applicant must have a passport with a Thai Non-Immigrant visa granting permission to stay in Thailand for at least 3 consecutive years on a 1-year visa extension basis up to the application submission date
  • Income: Earn monthly income not less than 80,000 Baht (for those who are single or married for less than 5 years)
  • Tax Returns: Have Thai tax returns that show an annual income of at least 100,000 baht for at least 2 consecutive years

Applicant must also qualify in one of the following categories:

  • Investment Category: which requires at least a 3 Million Baht investment in Thailand 
  • Working/Business category: Earn monthly income not less than 30,000 Baht (for those who married Thai for five years)
  • Humanitarian: Applicant  must have relationship with a Thai citizen or an alien who already possesses a Thai Permanent residence permit and is related to the applicant in the one of the following ways:
    • A legal husband or wife
    • A legal father or mother A child who is under 20 years of age up to the submission date of application and must be single
  • Expert/Academic category
  • Other categories

The Thai Immigration Bureau has quotas for all expatriates applying for residence permit at 100 persons per nationality. The Immigration Commission has the power to define all regulations concerning permanent residency. The Immigration Bureau is the agency that handles all procedures concerning permanent residency applications.

A permanent resident has the privileges as following:

  • Ability to buy a condominium in Thailand without being required to transfer money from abroad
  • Can apply for naturalization citizenship
  • Children born in The Kingdom will be granted Thai nationality
  • Can be a director of a public company in Thailand
  • Ability to apply for an extension of stay or permanent residence for non-Thai family members

How to Apply for Thai Residency?

First step

ThailandVisaNOW will assist you to prepare all documents required, we suggest you to prepare those documents 1-4 months prior to the open dates for submission of applications which normally falls once a year in December. Once the date is announced, the applications can be submitted until the last working day of the year.

Second step

Once the application date is announced our lawyers will submit your application along with all documents required to the Thai Immigration Bureau. The result of the application will normally be announced in May and the residence permits will be issued the following December. Thai residency permits will never expire, but can be revoked. If you plan to leave the country, you need to apply for a re-entry permit. After you live in Thailand for FIVE consecutive years with permanent residency permit, you will be eligible for applying for Thai citizenship.

Official Fees:

  • Application for a residency permit: 7,600
  • Approval of a residency permit (payable on receipt of residence book): 191,400
  • Approval of a residency permit (payable on receipt of residence book) for a foreigner married to a Thai, the spouse of a resident, and any of their children who have not reached the status of a Thai juristic person (i.e., unmarried children aged below 20 years): 95,700

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